Promenade of my solitude!

Vanished from home, 

Out on her own,

               But she wasn’t alone                  

It took the courage to take the first step,

To find herself in her soul which defined depth! 

One step, two steps, and she walked.

She walked and walked until she stopped!

It was just the two of them waiting for each other! 

It wasn’t love, nor depression, but maybe it was separation!   


Yes, she was a child,

                  And yet, she was wild!                 

She left in search of her destiny,     

In search of her promenade of solitude,     

While the promenade waited for her soul to reach out to it!      

They were not lovers, neither strangers,

But it was a feeling like there existed a messenger!        


Yes, it was a call from the trees, mountains, rivers, and woods!

She walked and walked,

 until the promenade of her dreams waited for her. 

 It felt like lovers uniting after separation!

Her soul roared

Her skin tore

Yes she wanted to soar more

 Because it was her lore!

Under the tree, she sits, while the candle of purity got lit!   

 Purple, blue, pink and red,

It was the color of the flowers she admired, while her thoughts were being read!

The tree made her feel like home,  

Even though she was away from home!  

She closed her eyes, and had a wide smile,

Because in this heaven of her hers, she never found a lie!   

Melody of those leaves,

And the priceless vibes she receives!

The music still going on,     

 A leaf bestowed itself beside her feet!    

She opens her eyes and looks above,  

Oh, it was a blessing to this beautiful little girl,   

Who was worthy of a precious pearl! 

© Vidhi Ashar

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