Your wounds are beautiful

I question myself whether it was a mistake!

But then, all of a sudden, my mind goes back to the same place!

In that place, it all felt so trustworthy, so beautifully true! 

Like a queen of the castle, I felt I was getting everything I deserved!

But then, there were some unsensed dangers lurking around the castle!

It was your dangerous unpredictability!


How would I have known that your dangerous unpredictability abducted me from the castle and would chain me like a prisoner?

How would I feel when I thought I could never see the sun again?

I was a prisoner chained to an illusion!

Then, there was a sudden hit to my mind and I returned to what we call ‘destiny’!

I’m in the present right now and yet  I have a smile that aches!

it aches because my soul is speechless!

It aches because it was all too fantasy to bare the storm!

I was the queen trapped in illusion, I was a prisoner punished never to see light!

I’ve walked on a carpet of roses and also on a pathway of burning fire!

Walking on two extreme surfaces, I laugh to myself,

because I have walked in Heaven and Hell at the same time!

Today, I realize that neither I want to be a queen nor a prisoner, 

Because I’m a Warrior!

A warrior to pass through a thousand storms to see my scar as a sign of pride!

A warrior to admire my wounds, having been able to get through the storms!

A warrior to feel light in the darkness!

A warrior to have a spark of humanity for the innocent,

and yet have a nefarious side to haunt Satan!


powerful eyes 5

Today, destiny has made me a fusion of


©Vidhi Ashar


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