Satan’s demon

You wander around, your eyes and face filled with filthy lust. Your steps on the ground, filled with waves of cruel intentions. Your eyes lurking around glanced filled with noxious instances.

Along with devious men like you, those streets were filled with innocent lives. Some just heading home, towards their beloved, some wandering in despair, some with those little steps marching towards the ice cream shop and some just eyeing you with questioning glares.

Those streets where you intend to intoxicate them, with your footsteps with the stink of sin.Those streets where you followed her, placing your glances at her inappropriately. Those streets were your eyes let out waves of nasty greed intoxicating her purity.Your dirty forceful acts, pulling her feet away from the shore. You were this dirty sea monster, pulling her into your sea where you consumed her, tormented her, and laughed like a devil!Your poison passed through her veins, where you devoured her greedily, layer by layer. You would hear her screams and yet your hands choked her innocence. Sher howled like a wolf in pain and yet you put insects of thirst on her, feasting on her skin. She cried for escape when she was possessed by a ghost like you, where your nefarious wand hit her, stabbed her, pierced through her, playing games of slow death.

Then she subsided slowly, in your ocean of filth, where the tornado ripped her apart until she was in pieces, deepened her scars, her blood oozed out and she faced a tormented death! This act of yours sent shivers through the sky, where the angels from Heaven slipped tears of misery and Devils howled with evil laughs upon your victory!

You unfolded all her layers, where, by layers, she wished for seeking love by just picking out the petals of her soul. How would she have known that her wishes were mistaken by the Demon that just killed her?

You were out there again you lustful lunatic, to feast again with such disgust! Who do you think you are?The respect and elegance of a woman were meant to be treasured in a box, protected in her castle. Who do you think you are to trespass her boundaries, dismantle the box and lust after her jewels of purity of innocence?


A witnesser from Heaven


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