Sands of Time

Those moments were like the countless threads of companionship and trust,

merged into one to concoct a ribbon of eternity!

And I never knew that each thread would part,

That each memory would slip away,

That each thread would just glide wherever the wind took it.

And one day, where we are on different shores,

Where you are lying down under the sky with closed eyes, just hearing the sounds of  the seagulls,

Where the ocean breeze will touch every past memory, 

Where we will endeavor different journeys with the significant one,

Where you will watch the sand slip away from your palms,

Where I will walk on a different shore, leaving footsteps behind.

And then remembrance will urge us to question ourselves on how it all dwindled in the sands of time!

And just like the wind who took the threads along, maybe a few of them were tangled in the sea,

Where the same sea overlooked our presence on each shore, carrying something shining in the past!





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