Someone asked the Artist, "What is the meaning of home to you?" "Perhaps it is the mellow rhythm being everywhere through the eyes of a Musician! Perhaps it is the ancient ruins or the icy alps for the Traveller! Perhaps its the shelves with books, or the pages flapping beneath the inked quill of a... Continue Reading →


My safe place

I walk into that room, all dark and so familiar. A gleam of light passing through those scruffy windows, Through those windows where the child clung onto back then,  Giggling at the passerby time and again. In the room lingered the scent of past! The books, the wardrobes, and the shelves covered in dust! Perhaps... Continue Reading →

Beautifully Rare

Do you know what makes you beautifully rare? Do you know why the world seeks for souls like you? The world out there is a black sky, where there are nefarious and ruthless things happening! And you are like the moon, where you have sensed the purity of the stars and also the terror of... Continue Reading →


Not all stories are divine that are painted white on the gates of Heaven. Some stories would just be overwhelming like the sea, where the sound of the waves wasn't required to express the depth of the ocean. Not all stories were revealed like a vast meadow. Some stories were hidden in the cocoon and some... Continue Reading →

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