Not all stories are divine that are painted white on the gates of Heaven. Some stories would just be overwhelming like the sea, where the sound of the waves wasn't required to express the depth of the ocean. Not all stories were revealed like a vast meadow. Some stories were hidden in the cocoon and some... Continue Reading →


You were luring

You were luring, just like the ocean breeze captivated by the deep blue beauty! You were luring, just like a bee drawn to the nectar. You were luring, just like a beautiful stranger exchanging glances, bound by the hustle of a nightclub. You were luring, just like the other stars being around the moon. You... Continue Reading →

When guilt had no voice!

  I know you have deep wounds inside you, and I was the knife to cause them! I know I was the knife who made you bleed! I know I was the knife, as I rammed the emotions from a beautiful soul like you! I became a reflection of satan dear savior, who still has... Continue Reading →

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