Not all stories are divine that are painted white on the gates of Heaven. Some stories would just be overwhelming like the sea, where the sound of the waves wasn't required to express the depth of the ocean. Not all stories were revealed like a vast meadow. Some stories were hidden in the cocoon and some... Continue Reading →


Sands of Time

Those moments were like the countless threads of companionship and trust, merged into one to concoct a ribbon of eternity! And I never knew that each thread would part, That each memory would slip away, That each thread would just glide wherever the wind took it. And one day, where we are on different shores,... Continue Reading →

It all faded too soon!

  It all faded too soon, like the waves wiping the remains on sand off the shore! It all faded too soon, like the night sky hiding the moon! It all faded too soon like a mirage disappeared from a desert! It all faded too soon, like I lost a beautiful dream by waking up... Continue Reading →

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