Somewhere in Perthshire

  Somewhere in Perthshire, where autumn painted the woods brown, yellow, pink and red, was the promenade to my cottage, surrounded by leaves that the trees had shed. Somewhere in Perthshire, around my vicinity, I took shelter under the trees, where the autumn bliss pacified me with a touch of divinity. Somewhere in Perthshire, where... Continue Reading →


The way we are

Just like the sea and the wave, we both were different identities and yet a part of one.  Isn’t it the same way it’s supposed to be? Where I am the wave always coming back to you and you are my sea, always holding on to never let go? Isn’t it how we are supposed... Continue Reading →


To Satan's demon You wander around, your eyes and face filled with filthy lust. Your steps on the ground, filled with waves of cruel intentions. Your eyes lurking around glanced filled with noxious instances. Along with devious men like you, those streets were filled with innocent lives. Some just heading home, towards their beloved, some... Continue Reading →

You were luring

You were luring, just like the ocean breeze captivated by the deep blue beauty! You were luring, just like a bee drawn to the nectar. You were luring, just like a beautiful stranger exchanging glances, bound by the hustle of a nightclub. You were luring, just like the other stars being around the moon. You... Continue Reading →

Tangling Touches

Let's twirl along with the melody of our lips. Let the kisses get entangled, like the vines swirling around the branch. Let the wind tease our touches when we mess around notoriously by your ranch. Let me remove the mirror from my clutch, to have a look at the beautiful chaos on my lips, while... Continue Reading →

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