Vidhi Ashar


 Hello there!

I am Vidhi Ashar from India. I started blogging in the year 2017 to provide a unique insight towards the world by linking it with life through my passion for writing! I am a person who strongly believes in humanity, philosophy, and a humble approach.

Writing is a solitary act and that’s how nature, novels, solitude, and the beauty of imagination have been sources of inspiration for me. Well, that’s not all, some of my favourite authors like Nikita Gill, Najwa Zebian, Rumi and many more continue to inspire me. I too am hoping to reflect my beliefs through writing.

Like a canvas which needs the right colors to express the beauty of art,  our souls too are a painting of thoughts and sentiments. Poetry and writing is nothing but a canvas of our souls!

I am hoping to inspire millions of people to seek different insights about the world. If you have the passion for writing, reading and believe in the beauty of words, feel right at home over here because

“Writing is like a caravan of words, taking you to places never been before!” 

      -Vidhi Ashar 


Little more about me 

Writing goes a long way and in this path, I aspire to meet minds alike through my Instagram, Facebook and Linked In page.

So let’s take this journey to the ‘Wilderness of Words’, with the euphony of poetry. 



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